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Glass Office Partitions

glass office partitions

We supply plain, frosted and decorative glass designed for use in offices, showrooms and consulting rooms

Glass can be used effectively and creatively in a whole variety of ways in modern office spaces, and at Pagel Glass we can supply custom-size glass partitions, dividers, windows and doors to enhance the look of your work space and customer service areas:


  • work cubicles
  • meeting rooms
  • consulting rooms
  • reception areas
  • waiting rooms
  • private offices

In addition to plain glass, we also supply a range of frosted and decorative glass that can provide privacy while at the same time adding to the visual environment of the workplace. Our decorative and frosted glass can help you to create a range of looks and concepts—from traditional patterns to the latest contemporary designs—but is also sufficiently opaque to allow you privacy for meetings or discussions.