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Glass Window Film

glass anti graffiti film to protect glass

Window film protects your valuable window glass from the damage caused by graffiti and scratches.

Graffiti and scratches to the glass in your business premises are not only unsightly, but they also mean considerable cost and inconvenience. However, a layer of anti-graffiti film on your exterior windows and doors means there is a protective coating that prevents your glass from being scratched or damaged.
If there are already light scratches on your glass, when the film is applied they will disappear. Or, once you have anti-graffiti film in place, if the surface of window gets scratched or damaged, the film can be quickly and easily removed and then replaced, so that your glass looks like new again.

Anti-graffiti film is a cost-effective solution to protect a range of premises and locations:

  • shopfront glass
  • glass windows and doors
  • restroom mirrors
  • the interior of lifts
  • staircases

Glass Film.

Tinted Film is tinted plastic with adhesive on one side to adhere to glass and is a great way to reduce the glare of the sun without replacing existing glass.
It is often used in Windows, Doors, Skylights.

Security film provides a thick, heavy duty window film that reduces glass damage and cracks. It meets the highest industry standards, providing added safety and security to your home or office.