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Glass Splashbacks

kitchen splashback

Add a designer tough to your home…..

Glass splashbacks are the new and exciting alternative to tiles and are designed to add a modern design to any kitchen.  The premium quality glass that we use in our splashbacks is custom sized to suit your specific needs and will enhance your design concepts, both inside and out.

This versatility also means that splashbacks can serve as design features in other areas of the home where tiles might traditionally be used, as they enliven any sort of living space, bar, or poolside area.

The A-Grade toughened safety glass that we use also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have a strong surface that can withstand the rigours of even the busiest domestic setting.

The versatility of splashbacks is further enhanced by the enormous range of Dulux colours that we are able to use when crafting your glass for you. This means that you can choose your own colour scheme so as to match your kitchen, bathroom or laundry decor exactly, or use your splashback as a bright and bold design feature in its own right. The bright reflective finish adds a sense of both innovation and sophistication, while at the same time providing low-maintenance surfaces throughout the home.

This is because splashbacks are extremely easy to clean and maintain, as there are no grout or join lines as you have with tiles, and so simply wiping them down regularly keeps them looking at their best. They are also extremely hygienic, as in the kitchen grease and grime doesn’t have nooks and crannies in which to accumulate, while in the bathroom or laundry there is no space for mould and mildew to gather and grow.

Benefits of Splashbacks

  • ideally suited for use in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries
  • enormous range of Dulux colours, and so we can colour match any existing colour schemes
  • paint is baked on in an oven so as to be able to withstand heat
  • safety Grade A toughened glass
  • glass is custom sized and can be cut to fit around existing power points and switches