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Glass Cutting

Our trained and skilled glaziers can cut any type of glass to your specifications and for any purpose. Whether you require new or replacement glass for windows or doors, for a custom-made piece of furniture, or for a decorative feature in the home, we can provide you with class cut to your precise measurements and requirements.

Contact us to find out about our full range of specialist glass cutting services. 

Glass Film.

Tinted Film is tinted plastic with adhesive on one side to adhere to glass and is a great way to reduce the glare of the sun without replacing existing glass.

It is often used in Windows, Doors, Skylights.

Security film provides a thick, heavy duty window film that reduces glass damage and cracks. It meets the highest industry standards, providing added safety and security to your home or office






Glass replacement insurance claims can be processed quickly and efficiently.

  1. Call Pagel Glass on (08) 8341 1922
  2. Contact your insurance company and obtain a claim reference number
  3. Pay the excess amount directly to Pagel Glass
  4. Provide your claim reference number to Pagel Glass
  5. Pagel Glass will then bill your insurance company*
  6. Your insurance company will pay Pagel Glass the outstanding balance

* Some insurance companies prefer to reimburse claimants directly. In such a case, you will first be required to pay the full amount owing to Pagel Glass, and then you will be reimbursed by your insurance company. You are also able to choose your preferred supplier.